Discover the excellence of HiFinity, a revolutionary aluminum sliding door designed to create a seamless fusion between your interior and the exterior. With its sleek design and cutting-edge performance, HiFinity is the ideal solution for modern architectural projects, offering exceptional aesthetics, maximum brightness, and an uncompromising living experience.

Le MasterPatio se distingue par sa conception hautement personnalisable, vous permettant de créer une porte sur mesure qui répond à

HiFinity pushes the boundaries of architecture with its ultra-slim profiles, allowing for impressive glass openings with clean lines. This innovative design maximizes the glass surface, flooding your interior space with natural light and creating a sense of open and harmonious space.

With top-of-the-line thermal and acoustic performance, HiFinity ensures optimal comfort throughout the year. Thanks to its advanced thermal break, this sliding door provides excellent thermal insulation, reducing heat loss and optimizing the energy efficiency of your space. Moreover, with its options for acoustic glazing, HiFinity offers you inner tranquility by reducing external noise disturbances.

Security is a priority with HiFinity. With its advanced locking mechanisms and integrated security systems, you benefit from optimal protection against intrusions and total peace of mind. Your interior space remains a haven of peace and security.

Enjoy seamless integration of technology with HiFinity’s automation options. With advanced motorized systems, you can easily control the opening and closing of your sliding door, offering exceptional comfort and convenience.

besoins spécifiques. Avec un large éventail de configurations, vous pouvez choisir entre des panneaux à deux vantaux, trois vantaux ou même quatre vantaux pour s’adapter parfaitement à votre espace.

Grâce à sa technologie de pointe, le MasterPatio offre d’excellentes performances thermiques, assurant une isolation efficace et contribuant ainsi à la réduction de la consommation d’énergie et des coûts de chauffage. Avec des options de vitrage innovantes, vous pouvez également profiter d’une isolation acoustique améliorée pour un confort optimal dans votre intérieur.

Le MasterPatio est conçu pour offrir une facilité d’utilisation exceptionnelle. Grâce à son système de roulement de haute qualité, les panneaux glissent en douceur et silencieusement, permettant une ouverture et une fermeture sans effort. De plus, le système de verrouillage sécurisé garantit une protection maximale contre les intrusions indésirables, vous offrant une tranquillité d’esprit absolue.

Technical information​

  • Thermal insulation
  • Air-Water-Wind
  • Acoustic
  • Resistance to burglary
  • Element height
    Min 1901 mm | Max 4165 mm
  • Max Weight
    Vent: 750kg | Fixed: 1200kg

Available finishes

HiFinity also offers exceptional design flexibility. Available in different configurations, you can choose from two or more panel openings that are tailored to your specific project. Additionally, you have the option to customize your sliding door by selecting from a wide range of surface finishes, including anodized or powder-coated finishes, to create a style that perfectly matches your architectural vision.

Available designs






Open Corner



Available options

Glazed angle

Pour un accés fluide et facile.

Smart Connect

Smart control of your sliding door

Mosquito net

Protect your interior from insects while maintaining good air circulation.

Flat threshold

A flat threshold for barrier-free entry.

Motorized system

Added dynamic engine for remote control.


Extra support and a visual barrier

Built-in drain

Effectively evacuate rainwater that accumulates on your door.


Collecting and channeling of rainwater without threshold.

We recommend that you contact us to find out about the various options available. These may vary depending on the dimensions, the combination of profiles, fittings arrangements and types of filling.

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