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Our selection of doors is functional, beautiful and custom made. There is an Aluminum, Wood or PVC profile for each house. From classic to romantic, from modern to old style, there is always a frame whose profile harmonizes perfectly with your interior. Attractive inside and out, our frames are above all a long-term investment. Excellent thermal and acoustic performance, they will have a long lifespan thanks to their weather resistance, all without maintenance (PVC and Aluminum). Our doors come n a wide range of colors and textures, the ALU3000 profiles will be up to your expectations.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum is one of the top three choices for frame building. The fact that it fits perfectly into contemporary architecture is undoubtedly the main reason for its success. The narrowness of its uprights, offers a greater contribution of light and more visibility towards the outside.
Aluminum is the most resistant material, it is recommended to support large windows because it does not deform. It is available in all colors, interior and exterior, and adapts perfectly to all shapes of doors. The aluminum frame does not require any maintenance, it is perfectly resistant to bad weather and attempted break-ins. It is also endowed with an excellent thermal and acoustic performance, for a great insulation comfort.

PVC Doors

PVC is another leading choice in the chassis market. Thanks to its attractive price, this hard synthetic material is gaining ground. It is more and more often chosen at the expense of wood and also partly aluminum. It does not require any maintenance, only a wipe of the sponge is enough. It is perfectly resistant to bad weather, it exists in different colors (interior – exterior), including wood imitations.

Wood Doors

Wood has always been a safe bet for the manufacturing of windows and doors. Wood is a warm and natural material. Natural and aesthetic insulator, the wood can be personalized, which makes it possible to reproduce period windows (gendarme’s hat, brace, bending… Factory treated against insects and humidity, its lifespan is longer today but still requires regular maintenance.

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